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Make a Set of Epoxy Sticker Magnets

Make a Set of Epoxy Sticker Magnets 

This time we are making some fridge magnets.
We will be using:
- Images (the ones here are from Cheese packaging)
- plain trays for cabochons
- ModPodge
- E6000
- Magnets

First make sure the images are the right size for your stickers and trays. Once printed, cut them to size - if you use a standard size, a craft punch can be very useful.  Here we used laser prints on good thick paper.
We glued the self adhesive epoxy stickers over the top of the images (note, it can be easier to cut the images after applying the sticker).

Then you have to brush some ModPodge onto some blank cabochon settings, and pop the domed images into those, wiping away any excess out of the sides.


Inspect your work.  Be pleased at how pretty it turns out.  

We stock some fantastic self-adhesive neodymium magnets, which means they are very strong, but they come with an equally strong sticker that you just peel off and attach to wherever you need.    

They will stick to the cabochon tray backs with a pretty neat finish and no glue mess! 

They click nicely together...

Magnets are finished!  Don't they look fab?