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So the shop is now closed and we have spent the entire week moving the stock and furniture into our new space. We never knew just how much material we had until we had to move it!  We anticipate we should be back to normal at some point next week... for now all we can see is a lot of boxes! We will reveal lots of new bits over the coming weeks but for now, a rest is in order! x

Move Update
So it looks like we will have our last day in the shop this coming Saturday 15th June.  If you're around, pop in for some amazing price reductions and stock up on jewellery making materials!

There will still be a little bit of disruption to our schedule next week as we move the last of the kit and caboodle, and we are still without a phone line, though we hope to get the phone back up and working by Monday. Orders continue to take a bit longer to process but we are still offering free UK post to thank you for your understanding!

Free shipping during our move!
We are right in the thick of the move which means we have boxes everywhere and our stock is currently across two locations. It may take us a little longer to ship orders until we are settled and our stock is ordered again, so we would like to offer free postage on all UK orders over £10 during this time. No need to add a discount code, the website will work it out for you.  However please note that we are unable to ship resin by post and this will continue to incur a charge for specialist courier. We are unable to offer First Class or Priority shipping during this time. Thank you for your understanding!

We are moving back online!

All change! Yep, it’s true, our little bead shop in Streatham will be closing soon after five wonderful years, and we are moving back online.

Whilst we will be very sorry to say good bye to all the new friends we have made during our time at the shop, we are very much looking forward to a new way of working that fits better with our aims and our families. 

Why are we closing the shop?  Well for some time we had lost that elusive balance…  The shop took up a huge amount of time – we won’t miss all that bagging up and pricing of tiny things that we spent hours and hours doing!  On a personal note, one that I think our jewellery-making friends will understand, is that whilst I have truly loved having the shop and sharing my passion for the craft, running both the shop and the website meant it left me no time whatsoever for my own jewellery making and that was certainly not part of the plan! Sometimes in life you have to design your own balance and for me this is it.

There is also a whole other discussion to be had, one that I feel very strongly about, which relates to the pressures facing small businesses in general but particularly those that have a presence on the high street – this is important for everyone who cares about diversity in their own town centres and local parades, and it really needs to be talked about, so please keep the mantra going:  


We think our last day in the shop will most likely be Saturday May 25th (still a few bits of paperwork to go before we can confirm this) [It has been delayed! we will let you know a date as soon as we know.] and we should then spend the following week moving our stock – we won’t be able to ship online orders whilst we are moving but will let you know the moment we are back to normal schedules. As we have our stock scattered over two locations already, online orders placed now may be delayed by a day or two– thank you for your understanding!

And good news for our online customers - there will be a lot of new shop items and a huge sale coming to the website soon. These new items will be available whilst stocks last – in fact the plan is to gradually move away from having a permanent range. Our lines of supply have changed a lot in the past couple of years and we can no longer guarantee a steady supply of stock items. To negotiate these changes in production on so many items is more than we can handle! So our focus from now on will be on selling one-off pieces and unusual finds. The traditional ranges we have been selling on the website will continue to be available for a time.

This new arrangement will give us the chance to be at fairs and run the odd pop up shop, something we are really looking forward to. I also intend to teach again and possibly also continue the popular jewellery repair service we ran at the shop – lots of details still to be worked out, but if you want to check in with us or ask us anything, do email at

We hope you will keep in touch and visit us online! 

Thank you all, and much love,

Jasmin x

October Schedule

Due to unavoidable circumstances we will be running the following schedule in the shop:

Saturday 20 October -10:30-6
Sunday 21  - Closed
Monday 22 - Closed
Tuesday 23 - 12-2
Wednesday 24 - 12-2
Thursday 25 - 12-2
Friday 26 - 12-2
Saturday 27 - 10:30-6
Sunday 28  - Closed
Monday 29 - Closed
Tuesday 30 - 12-2
Wednesday 31 - 12-2
Thursday 1 November - 12-2
Friday 2 - 12-2
Saturday 3 - 10:30-6

If you are planning to visit our shop in that period please note the above opening hours - just a skeleton service in case you have any stocking emergencies! For those two weeks we will be running with a very limited number of staff, so we recommend you call in advance of your visit to check that nothing has changed!

We will close our eBay shop during this time. Website orders will continue to be taken, however it may take us longer to get these out to you.  We will not be offering next day delivery during this time.

Any hazardous liquids (e.g. resin) which require specialist courier shipping will be available to order after 5 November. If you need an urgent delivery of resin please see here for alternative stockists:

We will try to deal with all enquiries as they come in, but some may have to await our return to normal hours. We regret we will not be able to accept any repairs or special/custom orders during this time, nor party or event bookings.

We are very grateful for your understanding, and to make up for any delays we would like to offer free shipping on all UK orders placed during this time.  No code required.

Just a little note of gratitude to our small weekend team who have offered to keep things ticking along despite having lots of other commitments! 🙏⭐🌟

Christmas Opening Times and Last Posting Dates

Christmas is just around the corner! We have been getting busy with orders and making presents that we almost forgot our last posting dates post!  So here goes:

Economy (2nd Class /Royal Mail 48):  Tuesday 19th December
1st Class (Royal Mail 24):  Wednesday 20th December
Resin Orders (Specialist Courier):  Wednesday 20th December
Priority (Next Day Delivery): Thursday 21st December

Europe & further afield:
Dates vary - please consult this Royal Mail poster for specific information relating to your country. Please remember we need one day to turn orders around, so please place all orders the day before Royal Mail's last posting date.

If you are in the UK and in a pickle after the last order days above but need something urgently delivered before Christmas, please give us a call - we may be able to send orders with a Saturday Guarantee if we receive them early enough on the Friday.  We are in the shop 10-4 during the week or leave us a message and we will contact you as soon as we can.

After this rush we will be taking a few days off to recover. We will be closing from the afternoon of Saturday 23rd through to 2nd January, returning to work on Wednesday 3rd.  Orders may be placed during this time and we will start to send them on our return, on a first come, first served basis.

We would like to thank all our wonderful customers online and at the shop for another great year, and here's to a peaceful and creative 2018!


Changes are Afoot - New Shop Hours!

We are very excited to have listed the first of our new workshops! We have started with only a couple of events for now, but we have plenty more in the planning.  We will be starting with beginners jewellery making classes, where you can learn how to design and assemble beaded jewellery, so initially we will stick to the basics, let's not jump ahead.

One class that we are particularly fond of is the family class - where adults and children can all join in and learn how to make a few simple pieces of jewellery. I have myself really struggled to find something creative that both my daughter and I could do together. I don't want to always wait for her to finish having fun, I want to join in the fun too!  Yes, I do wish more providers would offer more options for mixed age options.

Admittedly our workshops had been on the pipeline for quite some time already and, honestly? the technology has defeated us, so we will list just a few workshops initially on our current website whilst we work on a brand new website to host all bookings and details about the classes we can offer.

To pave the way for the upcoming workshops we will be changing our opening hours at the shop - from 1st October the shop will open as follows:

             Tuesday - Friday     10am - 4pm
             Saturday                10:30am - 6pm
             Sunday - Monday    closed (but we continue to ship website orders on Monday)

This will allow us to plan more workshops and parties in the afternoon and evening, whilst we also work on our websites. We will be listing online lots of the items that are currently only in the shop. So if you are a local customer you will soon be able to pick your items from the comfort of your own home, and pick up your order from the shop at a time to suit you.  If you are a website customer you will notice that the range of items we sell will increase.

At the point that all the website changes are ready, we hope then to offer lots more variety in our workshops:  resin, polymer clay, silversmithing, silver clay, glass, pearl knotting... plus themed classes in other crafts too! who's up for a Pinterest party?  Are you and your family fans of a particular book series perhaps?

You'll just have to wait and see.

Holiday Timetable for w/c 28 August
Kindly note our holiday timetable from 28th August until 5th September:

Tuesday 29th........................................12pm - 4pm

Wednesday 30th....................................12pm - 4pm

Thursday 31st.......................................12pm - 4pm

Friday 1st.............................................Closed for holidays

Saturday 2nd.........................................Closed for holidays

Sunday 3rd............................................Closed

Monday 4th...........................................Closed

Tuesday 5th...........................................Closed for holidays

Wednesday 6th......................................Back to normal!

Bank Holiday Freepost!

A lovely freepost offer for all our UK customers!  Spend more than £10 on any items in the shop and receive free economy postage within the UK.  Simply use code BANKHOLIDAY at checkout.

Valid until 29 August 2017.

Resin Love
If you know us at all, you will know that we love resin – it’s such a satisfying medium to work with.  Not only does it give your work dimension and perspective, but it can carry off any colour to match the style of your makes. 

Our resin of choice is manufactured by RF Bright – a family owned business based in Kent who make, in our opinion, the nicest resin we have ever tried (and trust us when we say in our line of work we have tried more than a few brands!).  If you thought that making jewellery with resin might be too tricky or fraught with issues, think again.  There are several varieties of resin in this range and all are equally lovely in their ease of use and they all have a great finish.  

In the past few weeks we have been making some samples to show at our upcoming workshops, what do you think?

And here are some awesome samples we have been sent by the manufacturers.  We love these!

Gorgeous, wouldn't you agree?  If you are feeling inspired and want to have a go, just send us a quick email with all your resin questions or to find out when we will start our resin workshops.  You can find our full range of resin here, and look out for some resin tutorials coming soon to the blog.

When All Thoughts Turn To Holidays...
Last week we were lucky to have with us two brilliant Year 10 students undertaking work experience with us. Tabby already works with us on Saturdays and she opted to also spend her work experience week at the shop. Amber had not been with us before but after the first ten minutes it felt like a team that had been together since the start!

The girls were tasked with making a piece of jewellery symbolic of their holidays, and here is it - a beautiful memory bracelet:

Below they explain the process:

Holiday Charm Bracelet

This bracelet is about capturing precious memories from your holiday whether they’re from a week ago or three years ago in the summer sun –and you would like to remember the colours of the shimmering waves, or the crabs scuttling along the shore- or a trip abroad to Italy or France where you ate foreign delicacies while feasting your eyes upon iconic land marks -now is your chance to combine these memories and make a beautiful charm bracelet.

We decided to do a seaside holiday charm bracelet. My bracelet has pearls, swirling sea shells, a bottle of sea, a tiny picture of a boat on the sea and a few hand-moulded polymer clay treasures.

To start this easy, quick and fun project you will need to get 4 beads that are sea/beach inspired, shells, pearls, turquoise turtles/fishes are perfect for this sweet accessory. Make bead charms with them by using headpins.

Then get polymer clay in pink or orange to make a sweet little starfish charm. You can make your starfish by making a ball first from polymer clay, then pinching 5 sides to make the star shape. To add detail to your starfish get a toothpick and make small holes on the top and a star on the bottom, then put in oven at 125 degrees for 20 minutes- you must preheat the oven for at least 20 minutes before so the oven is hot.

To make the ‘beach bottle’ get sand and very small shells (possibly from your holiday) however if you cannot get these materials you can use glitter and seed beads.

Another polymer clay charm you can make is a shell. Make a ball with yellow polymer clay and push it down a bit so it’s the shape of a burger. Make it into a v-shape and at the top of this V make indents that follow to lines. Make these details with a tool if you have one, if not just use a toothpick. Cover your polymer clay shell charm in mica powder to give it a golden magical shine, to bake it do the same instructions from before with the starfish.

The last two charms for your bracelet are glass tiles with photos behind in small metal trays. First get 2 10mm glass cabochons and cut out a photo from your holiday or draw a memory from your holiday the same size as the glass cabochon, then seal with ModPodge. After it dries use silicon adhesive to stick the image to the glass, only use a drop but enough so that it spreads around the whole cabochon. 

After that dries stick the cabochon to the tray with ModPodge, and wait 24 hours.

After all the charms are ready, dry and baked, you can assemble them. First cut a large link chain to the length of your wrist, use two jump rings one on one side, and one on the other with a clasp. Put jump rings on all of the charms and attach them to the chain. Put the charm bracelet on and feel like you’re in the sun on holiday again!

Have a lovely summer!
from Tabby & Amber x

UK Freepost offer!
Just in time for stocking up for Xmas, get Free Postage on all UK orders over £10 until Sunday 20th November.  Simply use code FREENOV at checkout!

Amazing new cabochons in the shop...
Just arrived, new selection of cabochons for the shop:


Free Resin Offer!

Resin is back and we are celebrating by offering a free 75g set of ECO resin with any purchase of standard or low viscosity resin!  You can find both options here, in two different sizes: 75g and a large 375g set.  So if you purchase one set of resin (either type, either size) and we will throw in one free set of ECO Resin!  This is not just another free sample offer, this is a full size 75g set free with any purchase of resin!  This offer is open until Sunday 18th September.

ECO Resin is a new range of resins that we will be offering that are solvent-free, non-toxic and easy to use for top quality domed and cold-enamelled items.

We also sell colourants for these resins and lots of accessories for all your resin makes (do also look at our bezels which are perfect for filling!).  Please note it is only the full 2-part resin sets that attract this offer, and not any colours or accessories.

We are unable to send resin overseas at this stage, so regrettably this offer is open only to UK customers.

Our resin is manufactured in the UK by RF Bright, a family owned business from Kent that specialises in resins for industry and jewellery making.  The resins are lovely to use, they mix easily and take colour and inclusions well, don't produce noxious fumes and the end result comes up clear and glossy.  We love these resins and are planning lots of projects using them - keep an eye out on our tutorials page!

New Website Offer
 Jasmin Studio Crafts new website!

That's right - our NEW WEBSITE is finally here!  it has only been, oh, three years in the making, presented us with countless trials and tribulations, and a lot of hard work, but we finally got there, and now we can offer lots of lovely things: many more products, a much easier way to shop, we now have wishlists so you can save all your favourite items for a later date, and customer accounts where all your purchases will be saved and returns can be managed directly from one place...

We have been aware for a long time that our old website just wasn't up to the job, so we hope you will like the new site.  Some improvements:
  • Your basket will now save for a few days, so do go ahead and make that cup of tea, your basket will still be there when you come back.
  • You can now buy a larger number of items individually if you really only want to try out a new piece, 
  • but if you want to buy 10, as before, it will still be the same price as on the old website.
  • If you prefer to buy in larger quantities, the website will now work out a wholesale discount automatically.  Our wholesale prices are available to all, and you can check them out within each item's page. 
  • Stuck for gift ideas for a crafty person?  consider a gift certificate
We hope you will enjoy browsing through our new site and do please let us know what you think. You can email us any comments at, we fully expect that there may be the odd fluff here or there, so please let us know if you spot anything that looks amiss.

 Jasmin Studio Crafts new website

So we would like to thank you for your patience and continued custom by offering a huge 20% off EVERY ITEM in the store - simply add code CELEBRATE at checkout. This code is valid until Sunday 26th June and can be used multiple times.

Christmas Opening Times

Please see below for our shop opening hours this Christmas:

Wednesday 23rd
Thursday 24th
Friday 25th 
Saturday 26th
Sunday 27th
Monday 28th
Tuesday 29th
Wednesday 30th
Thursday 31st
Friday 1st
Saturday 2nd

We will continue to send orders on all the days that the shop is open, except weekends. 

We would like to wish all our customers a very merry Christmas!  

Holiday Timetable

Summer is upon us and we're seriously in the mood for a slowdown - we figured if we don't stop now, we will not stop until after Christmas so to save our health and to be fair to our ever-patient families we have decided to have an August that's full of rest.

You may order through the website as normal but orders will be sent only three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during August. 

Our Streatham shop will be closed from the 2nd until the 10th of August (we are back on Tuesday 11th) and for the rest of August we will be in the shop only half-days from 1pm until 6pm.

If you need us during this time please email us ( and we will reply as soon as we are back in the shop.  Or leave us a message on 0208 0908 443 - and we will revert as soon as we can.

Have a great summer!


Easter Freepost
Last weekend our website host was bombarded with traffic from a DDoS attack on its servers which made access to our website difficult.  To apologise for this blip, and to help with costs for all the Easter crafting that you have planned for the long weekend and beyond, we are offering Free Delivery on UK orders placed between now and midnight on Easter Monday.

Simply use code EASTERFREEBIE at checkout for a £2.50 discount on your total bill which is equivalent to our standard postage rate (international customers will also receive the £2.50 discount). Please note that postage upgrades are not included in this offer.

Minimum £10 spend required.

Happy Easter to all our customers!

We are sorry that the discount cannot be applied retrospectively.

Anglo-Saxon Jewellery Day
We had a ball on Monday when all sixty Year 4 pupils from Immanuel & St Andrew's CofE Primary School visited the shop to put together their wonderful handmade beads. This was a hands-on art project that formed part of their studies in Anglo-Saxon history. At school they had made some very lovely beads out of clay, which were decorated in the colours of long ago; and in the shop, they strung their beads together and learnt how to secure the ends to make a wearable piece of jewellery such as might have been worn in Anglo Saxon days. So out went the lobster clasps, and in came the hooks and rings!

We discussed the materials and design elements that Anglo-Saxons might have used in their adornments, and some groups even had a chance to try out making their own clasps out of wire. Below, a lovely necklace in progress:

Of course it helps a great deal to have your very own in-house helper for all that setting up that is needed, so a big thank you to where it is due.

We had lots of fun, and hope to do it again next year! 

Christmas Opening Times

Please see below for our *revised* shop opening hours this Christmas:

Monday 22nd Shop Closed - but we will be sending website orders
Tuesday 23rd 10:30am-6pm
Wednesday 24th 10:30am-4pm
Thursday 25th Closed
Friday 26th  Closed
Saturday 27th Closed
Sunday 28th Closed
Monday 29th 11am-4pm
Tuesday 30th 11am-4pm
Wednesday 31st 11am-4pm
Thursday 1st Closed
Friday 2nd 11am-4pm
Saturday 3rd 10:30am-6pm

For all orders placed online, the recommended last posting date for standard 1st class delivery within the UK is Friday 19th December, but if you add a Faster Post upgrade to your delivery, we can send orders up until Tuesday 23rd.  Please make sure all orders are placed before 2pm.  If you are close to us in South London, you can always mark your order for collection and pick it up from our shop in Streatham up until Wednesday 24th at 4 o'clock.  Orders for collection will be ready the following day, so please order early.

We would like to wish all our customers a very merry Christmas!   

A Momentous Week
This week has been quite something.  There has been a lot of hard work involved, but the team and I seem to have taken to this shop-keeping thing. We had previously managed to convince ourselves we were happy to hide behind the walls of our website, but really we do love discussing jewellery craftiness with our customers in person.  And we have been quite overwhelmed with the positive response we have had from our neighbours, new customers, and the local community here in Streatham.  

I think we are going to be very happy here.

We wanted to give a little something back to those who really paved the way for us to open a shop, our lovely online customers who have been loyal to our offering since we began four years ago, so from now until November 20th, we are celebrating the opening of our shop by offering freepost on ALL orders. Just use code VISITSTREATHAM at checkout.  And we hope we get to meet you, in person, soon!

Thank you.  x

We're Open for Business!
We are very excited to announce the opening of our shop!  Yes we now have a proper bricks and mortar shop which you can visit for all your jewellery bits and bobs. We are in Streatham, South London and our shop is literally seconds away from Streatham Common Railway station.  This little shop has been several months in the planning but we are glad that we can finally open our doors!

We would like to share some photos with you:

you will recognise us by the light blue shop front

we sell all our glass in individual pieces as well as the usual bigger packs

and we now stock a huge range of ready-made cabochons in a variety of materials... 

...a lot of which fit into our standard settings...

which are now also available singly or in our usual pack sizes

but wait, there's more.... a hint on the photo above!

yes, we have beads! 

very many beads!

 a huge range in fact

in several colourways and very many styles and sizes

as well as a collection of chains and strings, and bead strands

The shop sells a number of items either individually or in larger packs, and if you want to continue to take advantage of the wholesale discounts available through the website, you can also request that your website order be sent here and we will get it ready for you to collect the next day. 

So if you are anywhere near London, do pay us a visit.  We look forward to meeting every one of our website customers in person after all these years of being a web-only presence!

We are at:
4 Greyhound Lane
London SW16 5SD
(practically opposite Streatham Common Railway Station)


Freepost Offer!

We are running a flash freepost offer - be quick! it expires at midnight on Monday 8th September.  

To take advantage of this offer and start to stock up for all your autumn makes, simply use the code LOVEFREEPOST at checkout, and £2.50 will be deducted from your total. 

New Archive of Vintage Images
We're squealing with delight at the news of another repository of copyright-free images from old books.  See them all here.  It's a Flickr stream with an astounding 2.6m antique images, called Internet Archive Book Images (full web address:

It is an invaluable resource for historical information no doubt, but for all of us vintage-ly inspired folk, this is also an amazing source of inspiration.  Thank you to all those involved in the uploading and curating of such a wonderful and important collection.

Easter Weekend FREEPOST!

We are happy to announce another of our popular Freepost Weekends running through the Easter Weekend until midnight on Monday 22nd April.

Our offer is for free standard post within the UK. Orders to all other countries will benefit from a £2.50 discount on their postage.

To take advantage of this offer use the code EASTERFREEBIE at checkout.

Please note discounts will not be applied retrospectively.  If you place multiple orders during the weekend, they will be sent in one shipment.

We will be back at work on Tuesday 22nd April and will prepare your orders then - it will be a busy day and we will be sending out orders on a first come first served basis, so if you need your items quickly, make sure you place your order early!  Our shop website is:

Happy Easter to all our lovely customers!