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Easy Wooden Letter Tile Pendants

Easy Wooden Letter Tile Pendants

It is so easy to make a lovely wooden tile pendant.  All you need is:
- A wooden letter tile or Scrabble tile
- ModPodge glue
- E6000 or superglue
- Epoxy Sticker to fit the tile
- A bail
- A toothpick
- A pretty image
First gather your materials:
Then apply the sticker onto your chosen image - laser prints and professional prints on good thick paper work best.  Felt tip and inkjet inks may run, so try to avoid using those if you can.
Once the sticker is on, press all over the surface to ensure no air pockets remain, and carefully cut around the edge of the sticker.

Apply ModPodge to the back of the Scrabble tile and lay your image over the top.

Give it a few moments to 'grab', and then you can work on the bail right away. E6000 is very viscous and can leave trails of glue all over your work - the best way to apply it is to squeeze a drop of glue onto a piece of plastic,

and then using a toothpick, just grab a bit of the glue on the end (and if it trails you can wind it around the toothpick, like spaghetti!)

And apply it carefully over the middle of the bail, you won't need to use too much.
And immediately set it onto the centre of the tile.  Leave a couple of hours to dry completely.


All tiles, stickers, bails and glues used in this project are available to buy from our shop - try it for yourself, and see how easy it is to make gorgeous personalised jewellery!